package vault

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  1. vault
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Package Members

  1. package authMethods
  2. package secretEngines
  3. package sys

Type Members

  1. case class Auth(clientToken: String, accessor: String, policies: List[String], tokenPolicies: List[String], leaseDuration: Int, renewable: Boolean, entityId: String, tokenType: TokenType, metadata: Map[String, String]) extends Product with Serializable
  2. case class Context[Data](renewable: Boolean, leaseId: String, leaseDuration: Int, data: Data, auth: Option[Auth] = None, metadata: Option[Json], warnings: Option[List[String]] = None, wrapInfo: Option[String] = None) extends Product with Serializable
  3. abstract class DSL[F[_]] extends Http4sClientDsl[F]
  4. case class Keys(keys: List[String]) extends Product with Serializable
  5. class RolesCRUD[F[_], Role] extends AnyRef
  6. sealed trait TokenType extends EnumEntry
  7. final case class UnexpectedStatus(requestMethod: Method, requestUri: Uri, requestBody: String, responseStatus: Status, responseBody: String) extends RuntimeException with Product with Serializable
  8. final class VaultClient[F[_]] extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. implicit val decodeArrayAsCSV: Decoder[Array[String]]
  2. implicit val decoderDuration: Decoder[Duration]
  3. implicit val decoderFiniteDuration: Decoder[FiniteDuration]
  4. implicit val encodeArrayAsCSV: Encoder[Array[String]]
  5. implicit val encodeDuration: Encoder[Duration]
  6. implicit val encodeFiniteDuration: Encoder[FiniteDuration]
  7. object Auth extends Serializable
  8. object Context extends Serializable
  9. object Keys extends Serializable
  10. case object TokenType extends Enum[TokenType] with Product with Serializable

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